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Verizon Wingsuit BASE Jump Ad Campaign

Matt buzzing trees

Verizon has launched a massive ad campaign for their new FiOS Fiberoptic Internet Service in the USA, and the ad is all about… wingsuit BASE jumping. Check out “Birdmen” cast member, Matt Gerdes, flying through the Swiss Alps with Dave Barlia and Barry Holubeck in the ad and also the “Making Of”, which tells a bit about the story behind the scenes and the reactions of the crew as they followed the jumpers into the high mountains.



We were interviewed by Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg at The Atlantic, check it out here: Atlantic Interview. There is also a small clip from the movie exclusively featured on their site.


Jeb about to grind 'The Crack'

Check it out here on Vimeo. Hope everyone likes it…

The Bremont Wingman

Gary Connery

Gary Connery is about to try something Jeb Corliss has wanted to do for years: land without a parachute. Looks like his attempt will happen sometime next month in England. We wish him luck, and read all about it here.


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Conan must be a big fan of Jeb as this is the second time Jeb has been featured on his show. This is a great interview (Part One and Part Two) and it’s interesting to hear Jeb’s thoughts on why he crashed in South Africa earlier this year. The balloon he was aiming for was pushed by the wind into a position that was too low to hit safely, and Jeb was maybe a little too focused on his goal.  There is very little margin for error when flying wingsuits at this level, and Jeb understands that as well as anyone. Even the best can make mistakes, but mistakes are not really an option in proximity flying.


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Otto Lilienthal

Otto Lilienthal: The Glider King

Our movie is picture-locked, and we expect the finishing touches to be done by March. Our trailer will be released March 6th, in one week. Super excited! And the small pic on the left is of one of the original pioneers of flight that we feature in the movie. Other flight pioneers in the movie include the Wright Brothers, Clem Sohn, and Leo Valentin.


Matt Gerdes in China

Check out this clip of Birdmen pilots Matt Gerdes and Jeb Corliss, featured in our movie also, flying in China. Air to air camerawork by Barry Holubeck. This viral video has spread quickly around the world with over 2.1 million views and shows some cutting edge wingsuit flights. (


"Going to Extremes"

Yet another wingsuit clip from 60 Minutes. This just aired last Sunday, but the wingsuit part of the show aired a couple of years ago.


Jeb Corliss

Jeb with Mike Steen

Jeb Corliss has gone through a lot after crashing in the beginning of the year in South Africa. He is making a solid recovery and we wish him luck. Recently posted his crash video, which is pretty intense: You Tube Jeb Crash Video.